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7 Characteristics of Top Law Firms

June 28, 2012

By admin

What does it really mean if someone claims to be the Top Law Firm in San Diego?

A firm may claim to be successful in money recovered for claims, but this number can be misleading. Even a huge figure might have come primarily from one or two “big” cases, and the attorney lacks experience in the field they claim to focus their practice.

Or, a firm may have left many clients unhappy or dissatisfied with their results.

Or, a firm may provide excellent services, but not in the field where you require expertise. For example, you wouldn’t hire a successful personal injury lawyer in San Diego to handle a divorce case in Florida.

Here’s what to look for in a San Diego Lawyer…

Most truly successful law firms have certain characteristics that separate them from their less successful competitors.

1. Leadership. Capable leadership means communicating the firm’s goals while motivating employees to embrace those objectives. Effective law firm leaders provide guidance and direction and maintain the firm’s focus. Leaders don’t place themselves above others or above the firm; rather, their own interests are consistent with and equal to those of the firm.

2. Focus. Successful law firms have a mission that lets people know what and why they do what they do. Lawyers should have experience and expertise consistent with the firm’s mission.

3. Client-Driven. The client comes first; it’s as simple as that. All decisions and efforts must be focused on what is in the best long-term interests of the client. Client communication, service and needs are paramount concerns in firms that are client driven.

4. Commitment to Quality. Successful firms deliver consistently excellent work product. They communicate effectively with their clients and are empathetic and sensitive to their clients’ needs and concerns.

5. Accountability. Successful law firms hold their members responsible for their actions, good and bad. A lack of accountability breeds apathy, laziness and frustration. Accountability is established when policies and standards are defined and each employee required to abide by them.

6. Innovative. Of course the top law firms have experience in their fields of expertise. But the best lawyers do not practice law repetitively. A successful lawyer takes a proactive, individualized, and innovative approach to resolve his client’s problems. Do a Google search for lawyers and you’ll have your pick of many. But firms with an entrepreneurial spirit, excellent skills and a willingness to take calculated, reasonable risks will thrive and prosper.

A free consultation to see if a lawyer you’ve chosen is right for you doesn’t cost anything except your time. Knowing some basics before you go into a meeting and gaining a “feeling” for your potential lawyer is just as important for your peace of mind as that lawyer’s competence.

In the end, it may be up to you to determine which law firm who’s going to be the “top” law firm for you.


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