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Sexual Harassment Lawyer

San Diego Sexual Harassment Attorney London Meservy

Sexual harassment can be one of the most devastating things ever to happen to someone at work. Think of the:

  • – Embarrassment
  • – Stress
  • – Helplessness
  • – Anger
  • – The pit in your stomach every time you have to set foot in the office and face another day of harassment

These are devastating emotions. And if you are experiencing them at work, you need to contact an experienced, aggressive sexual harassment attorney.

As one of the most trusted employment lawyers in San Diego, London Meservy understands the stress you’re going through. He has years of experience and success in these types of cases.

London is both aggressive and sympathetic to your situation. London takes his time explaining your options, walking you through the legal process, and keeping you informed the whole time.

All it takes is a FREE CONSULTATION and a few minutes of your time to understand how much your case might be worth and your chances for recovery.

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Don’t be a silent victim. Don’t let the offenders off the hook to harass someone else.

Meservy Law, P.C.has proven success in holding sexual harassment offenders accountable for their actions.

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