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A Simple Guide to Wrongful Termination Suits

April 18, 2012

By admin

Know your rights under Employment Laws
What matters when filing a wrongful termination lawsuit?

In this economic climate, where many companies are struggling to save money or simply keep the business alive, workers frequently face layoffs. Yet even when economic times are “good,” employees are still terminated. Most employment arrangements in California are “at will,” which means the employer is entitled to fire an employee for any reason or no reason at all. Usually, an employee is fired for one or any combination of these three most common reasons:

  1. The employee did something illegal or in violation of company policies, whether on the job or on their own time.
  2. The employee can’t or won’t perform the job they were hired to do properly or efficiently.
  3. The employee becomes a source of negative distraction or a hindrance to other employees.

Know Your Rights under Employment Laws

Even though employers are permitted to fire at-will employees for any reason or no reason at all, employment laws protect employees from being fired for illegal reasons. Employers cannot terminate an employee’s employment if they are motivated by any of the following reasons:

  • Bias based on race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, or age
  • Discrimination due to pregnancy or disability
  • Retaliation for highlighting unlawful employment practices

When a worker is fired for one of these reasons, it’s considered a wrongful termination.

Hopefully, you will never experience the frustration, confusion, and anxiety that comes with being fired without having done anything wrong. If you think you’ve been wrongfully terminated, you may be able to bring a legal claim against your former company. If the court rules in your favor, you may be eligible to get your job back, or be entitled to back pay, front pay, compensatory and punitive damages, attorneys’ fees, and more.

What Matters Most When Filing a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit?

Filing a wrongful termination lawsuit against an employer is a major undertaking. A lawsuit may involve some of the following claims relating to your termination:

  1. Discrimination. You were fired on the basis of age, race, sex, religion or disability.
  2. Retaliation. You engaged in whistleblowing against the company.
  3. Defamation. The employer’s purpose for firing you was to insult you or defame your reputation.
  4. Breach of contract. The termination violates your employment contract.
  5. Hostile Work Environment. An unbearable situation created by your employer forced you to quit your job.

Success in a wrongful termination suit requires solid proof and great representation. You should hire one of the top San Diego lawyers to aggressively pursue your rights and obtain the best possible result for your case.

If you can prove that one or more of these factors prompted your employer to fire you, you can file a wrongful termination complaint against them. During the legal process, you need to hire one of the top San Diego Lawyers who knows how to handle wrongful termination suits to handle your case.


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